My way learn MySQLI and PHP by examples

MySQL is world most used database and when its works PHP then they have no match. Learning MySQL is very is one can found thousand of tutorial on net but these are now old as MySQLI(or MySQL Advanced) next version are now on demand as implementation is easy, secure and little bit faster. In this tutorial I am going to share Uses of MySQli in your next project.

MySQLI and PHP by examples

For Connecting to database, create a PHP file name dbsettings.php with following code :

$sanjay=new mysqli('localhost','root','','mysqlifirst');
     echo $sanjay->connect_error;

I think above line is quite easy to understand, mysqlifirst is the name of your database.

Data query :
Suppose you have a table name billings which has coloumn trans_id, amount and so on.
Create a another file name dataquery.php with following code:

$query="select * from billings where trans_id='2013' ";
echo "Transaction ID. 2013 amount is Rs.".$rows['amount'];

This is I think a very simple example of using MySqli. If you have any doubt then comment below , I will try to explain it later.
+Sanjay Prasad 

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