Working tips and tricks to obtain free web traffic

Search engines are great source of web traffic but for this you should have top ranking unique quality content , if you have then forget Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But if you don't have then you have to thing about the dirty word SEO. In this blog I am going to share some tips and tricks to get good amount of traffic and improve alexa ranking and overall SEO Score.
Free Web Traffic

1. Optimizing title:
First thing you have to do with your website title tag, use right keywords in title tag.

2. Meta tag :
Now meta tag somewhat ignored by search engines, but it have some importance so optimized it.

if you are new title and meta tag optimization then use this free tools
Meta Tag Generator , this tool is optimized for using right length of your meta tag and title.

3.Use latest Technology:
 Dublin Core is a set of standard meta data elements used to describe the contents of a website. Now Search engines (Google and Bing) pay little attention to this latest technology.
Generate Dublin Core
A Microformat is a technical semantic markup that can be used to better structure the data submitted to search engines. Google ,Yahoo, Facebook... is working on this technology for better Search Result. 
Search google for meta tag generator  and use it on your website. Right now each blogger template use microformat.

4. SEO Checklist :
This Tool give a you a check list to improve of Page rank, alexa ranking, backlinks, where to submit your website to get traffic.
have Checklist Scan .

5. Commenting :
If you addicted to this ugly habit of commenting then you will get free traffic. First find out focus of your website means it focus on mobile,books..... Using checklist Scan of your competitor find out back links and go there and start commenting. Always try to comment there where they offer do follow back links. I know its not easy but you have to take this Challenge.

6. Forum:
Join forums follow their guidelines and take participation on related topic and share a link, remember avoid spamming otherwise they will block your forum account.

7.Article Marketing
This is by far the best way to market a site absolutely for free. Write as many unique articles as possible and submit to top article directories. You must write all unique articles and not just copy from other sites if you want better results. If you’re bad at writing articles, outsource them to professional writers. Once you get a handful of articles, submit it to the top article directories with link back to your website in the resource box.

8. Be social :
Create face book page for your website , join twitter , Google plus, linkedn....share your content to this website using their sharing buttons.

9. Learn Way of content building :
Try to avoid w3c Errors means use simple text, use tag em to wrap important words or keywords, don't copy paste or write for search engines, use unique content means write for yourself. Optimized your h1,h2,h3.. .

If you know something that can boost traffic following white hat seo , so please let me know using your comments.