How to Conduct an On-Page SEO Site Audit

The first thing an SEO should do when given a new project is to conduct an SEO site audit.A SEO site audit is a critical first step that SEOs must undertake to understand the state of SEO.

There are two basic options:
On-Page SEO

If you choose perform the exhaustive site audit, there are three critical areas to keep in mind. They are:
  1. On-page SEO audit
  2. Technical site audit
  3. Link audit
An on-page SEO audit will begin with obvious points, such as the title and meta description tags. Depending on your website this can get a pretty exhaustive document, so you're better served by creating an Excel sheet with your pages or site categories in rows and then each element of on-page SEO as your header.
Let's start by looking at few important elements of on-page SEO, why they're important, and tips on what you should look out for during your audit.

Title Tags

The purpose of a title tag is to make each page unique in terms of the page’s content. Since each page on your site should be unique, you need to have unique title tags for each page.
Title tags also carry huge weight in terms of..................